Tsaka's Story

When Celmira was studying in London, she suffered the kind of skin problems she’d never experienced at home in Mozambique. In search of a cure, she returned to her roots and her grandmother’s recipe for a powder-based face mask, made using dried plants from home, known for their intense anti-inflammatory and purifying properties. The mask is part of a traditional bridal beauty ritual, handed down through generations. The results were impressive enough to inspire Celmira to combine her cultural heritage with an international business degree and found Tsaka, natural beauty for melanin rich skin.


Tsaka is formulated with rare plant extracts from the tropical Olacaceae family that are indigenous to Mozambique, Madagascar and Zimbabwe, produced by local growers. Plants are wild harvested and cold processed to retain potency. Production is hands on using small batch methods. Tsaka’s hero product is the TSAKA Glow Mask, a detoxifying, cleansing, purifying formula that attends to specific problems associated with melanin rich skin such as uneven skin tone and hyper-pigmentation. Results include a noticeably smoother skin tone and clearer complexion.


Tradition is close to the heart of Tsaka and is expressed through specially commissioned designs used in the packaging. Yellow symbolises wealth and refers to the potency of our active ingredients. Brown is the colour of the nutrient rich soil on which our rare species are grown. Purple symbolises royalty and that luxurious feeling of our mask ritual. The infinity symbols relates to our unlimited potential. The four hearts represent our respect for mother nature’s bounty and the love we pour into every Tsaka product.


100% vegan, natural; 2% sales profits invested in communities we source our raw materials from.


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